Selecting Pet Names are more important than you think

Selecting Pet Names are more important than you think

Did you know that one in six people select their pet’s name as their password?

To put this more into perspective, the last year the US Census was taken that categorized the US population into age groups was 2014. In 2014, there was 251,626,870 people in the age groups from 15 to 84. These age groups most closely resemble the active technology users who would be using a password. One out of six would be nearly 42 million people in the US that are selecting their pet’s name as a password!

At nFront Security, we understand how stressful it can be to select a new password. The new password you select will be with you for a minimum of a few months. It is easy for us to resort to our beloved pet’s name for a simple password selection. As you are aware, if everyone is selecting Bailey, Max, and Charley, then these passwords are not looking very secure anymore! You are an easy target for a hacker.

We have a suggestion for you. Instead of using your pet’s name as a password that you know is not secure, start selecting pet names that are password-secure! Check out this infographic for more information…

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