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The Impact of Password Education on Employee Password Choices

As the great philosopher, Herbert Spencer, once said, “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” In the IT world, we constantly stress to our employees to make smart password choices. We have a “go-to” password policy that is typed up and stored in a filing cabinet located somewhere in our office. Often, […]

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Why should I use passwords that are greater than 14 characters?

It seems as though every website and application we use nowadays has a different password policy from one program to the next. Have you ever wondered why some applications require your password to be 8 characters, while other applications require a minimum of 15? From the naked eye, it makes no sense! What makes an […]

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Top Five Password Policy Mistakes

We’ve all done it. You are in a hurry for a lunch meeting and you want to check your email one last time and up pops a friendly, admittedly annoying, reminder that your password is about to expire. You click “OK”, check your email and dash off to lunch. This charade continues for a few […]

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