How To Smoothly Implement A Strong Password Policy

Changing your company’s password policy can create a high level of apprehension for the IT department as well as management, especially when the password policy will become more restrictive for end-users. Your company’s management team will have the primary concern of how to deploy a new software tool effectively to the entire network. While your […]

Hard Facts: Data Breaches

Joseph Demarest Jr., Assistant Director of FBI’s Cyber Division states: “You’re going to be hacked.” Do you have a plan for when this happens? Furthermore, are you enforcing the necessary precautions to ensure that your end-users are not making poor password choices? Password1 and Welcome1 are the top 2 business passwords and are both accepted […]

Why the Windows Password Policy is Not Enough

First and foremost, I would like point out that a password policy is only as good as the settings that you select. For example, you could pay a company millions of dollars for the most secure password policy in the world, but if you do not enable settings that will make a password secure, the […]

Why Mark Zuckerberg’s Password Choice Should Concern You

Earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg’s accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn were hacked. A hacker group, known as OurMine, posted on Zuckerberg’s “Hey @finkd (Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter handle) we got access to your Twitter & Instagram & Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm (direct message) us.” OurMine later posted, “You were in […]