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The NEW Azure AD Password Protection Service by Microsoft Azure

This is not the first nor last attempt Microsoft will make to help companies stop easily cracked passwords from being used as end-user passwords. Back in 2016, Microsoft attempted to ban easily hacked passwords on Microsoft Account Service and Azure Active Directory, but none of their other platforms. However, many articles online showed the shortcomings […]

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5 Spooky Password Tips

In honor of Halloween and the importance of enforcing strong passwords, we have put together five helpful tips when creating a password policy for your company! Happy Halloween! 1. Require passwords to be checked against a dictionary of common passwords – also known as password blacklisting 2. Require all four character sets (uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and […]

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Password vs Passphrase – Which Is More Secure?

Passwords. Just the thought of the word can cause anxiety. Anxiety is usually the result of apprehension, fear, or something we dread. But, why we would fear passwords? You shouldn’t fear passwords – you should fear your company’s password policy. The password policy created by your company determines what passwords will/won’t be allowed. See, here’s […]

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