A Better Password Policy in 10 Minutes

We completely understand; you had an audit last year and one of your action plans was to create a more secure password policy because employees were using 1 as their password. Chances are, there are probably numerous words like “summer,” “password,” and “January” being used in passwords. These are obviously not secure passwords and you’re […]

nFront Password Filter versus Fine-Grained Password Policies

With fine-grained password policies (FGPP), IT Administrators can create multiple different password policies within a single domain. The two enhancements that fine-grained password policies can provide are different password policies and account lockout policies for different sets of users in one Active Directory. For example, a more strict password policy can be created for privileged […]

Yubico’s New USB Security Key Review

Recently, Yubico released a new security key to create a passwordless login for Windows 10. The YubiKey USB key is currently only available for Windows Technology Adoption Program users. Seems like a great idea, right? Wrong. A passwordless login with a USB key sounds like an easy, secure way to eliminate the use of passwords. […]

Stanford Password Policy Explained

Back in April 2014, Stanford University created a password policy which let end-users determine the level of complexity for their own password. Shorter passwords will result in an end-user using more character types and longer passwords will result in an end-user using fewer character types. Here is the breakdown of the Stanford Password Policy: 8-11 […]

How Does the nFront Password Filter Client Work?

A common question from prospective customers who are interested in the nFront Password Filter is that they want to see how the Client works. The nFront Client provides a user-friendly interface for end-users when they need to change their password. When the nFront Client appears, the end-user’s password policy will display on the screen with a custom strength meter. […]

NCSC Password Guidance and Recommendations

The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) provided guidance for Systems Administrators to simplify their approach to passwords. This guidance is not mandatory, but rather recommendations to eliminate the risk of breaches due to weak passwords on a company network. Furthermore, NCSC’s guidance is intended to reduce the daunting task of users having to recall complex […]