A Better Password Policy in 10 Minutes

We completely understand; you had an audit last year and one of your action plans was to create a more secure password policy because employees were using 1 as their password. Chances are, there are probably numerous words like “summer,” “password,” and “January” being used in passwords. These are obviously not secure passwords and you’re […]

nFront Password Filter versus Fine-Grained Password Policies

With fine-grained password policies (FGPP), IT Administrators can create multiple different password policies within a single domain. The two enhancements that fine-grained password policies can provide are different password policies and account lockout policies for different sets of users in one Active Directory. For example, a more strict password policy can be created for privileged […]

5 Minute Guide: Passphrases

Many clients have asked about password best practices and the concept of passphrases. Passphrases are a secure solution to the everyday password problem. End-users are upset that they have to create a longer, more secure password that can be difficult to remember when faced with the two requirements of using all 4 character sets and […]

Yubico’s New USB Security Key Review

Recently, Yubico released a new security key to create a passwordless login for Windows 10. The YubiKey USB key is currently only available for Windows Technology Adoption Program users. Seems like a great idea, right? Wrong. A passwordless login with a USB key sounds like an easy, secure way to eliminate the use of passwords. […]

Stanford Password Policy Explained

Back in April 2014, Stanford University created a password policy which let end-users determine the level of complexity for their own password. Shorter passwords will result in an end-user using more character types and longer passwords will result in an end-user using fewer character types. Here is the breakdown of the Stanford Password Policy: 8-11 […]

How Does the nFront Password Filter Client Work?

A common question from prospective customers who are interested in the nFront Password Filter is that they want to see how the Client works. The nFront Client provides a user-friendly interface for end-users when they need to change their password. When the nFront Client appears, the end-user’s password policy will display on the screen with a custom strength meter. […]