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Once Upon A Time… When A Hacker Stole The $50,000 Down Payment For My New Home

We have all heard of drastic stories where large corporations and small businesses have been destroyed due to a data breach from a hacker. But, have you ever stopped to think the effects that the data breach has on the individuals and families who are associated with the company that was hacked?

Many years back, we had a customer come to us with an interesting story of how their company was almost ruined because a vendor they used had an employee who decided Summer2014 was a safe password for their computer. We all know that Summer2014 meets Microsoft’s Password Complexity requirements, but it does not necessarily mean that it is a safe password.

Read the infographic below that was based on the horrible incident that one of our customers experienced a few years ago. Take this as a learning experience and learn from the mistakes that they had made.


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