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10 Interesting Facts About Hackings

The hacking industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Each week we are receiving news of new hackings, or how last week’s hack is more devastating than previously reported. Business Insider reports that some hackers make more than $80,000 a month! We are in the year 2016 and it is time for society to start making smarter choices with their security practices!

Here are a few quick tips for individuals:

  • Don’t share your passwords to any account that you have. In most cases, you are using that password across multiple websites and an acquaintance could access other websites that you would not want him/her to access.
  • Don’t use easy passwords for any of your banking, social media, email, insurance, or any other personal accounts that you have. Easy passwords are very simple for a hacker to crack.
  • Use platforms like “Have I been pwnded” to see if your accounts have been hacked.

Here are a few quick tips for companies:

  • Educate employees on email phishing, social engineering, and security best practices.
  • Create a password policy that does not have to be manually enforced. Use a tool, like a password filter, that will enforce employees to create strong passwords that will not make the company fall victim to a data breach.
  • Have penetration tests regularly conducted to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in your network.


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