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The Hidden Truth Behind Password Managers

The word “manager” is derived from the Latin word manus, meaning “hand.” That is essentially what a manager does, they lend a helping hand and guide you in the right direction. But let’s face it, we have all experienced a time when our manager’s hand hasn’t been so helpful. For example, LastPass was one of the top password manager applications and their “helping hand” wasn’t so helpful when thousands of user email addresses, password reminders, server per user salts, and authentication hashes were stolen in 2015. LastPass encourages their users to use their discretion and choose their own master password. There are no strict requirements to guide you in the right direction of making a safe, secure, and smart password choice.

Password managers give users a false sense of security. Users feel that by storing them in a password manager, the software will automatically keep them secure. This is incorrect and is proven incorrect from the recent data breach at LastPass. Without using a secure master password, you are essentially handing over all the passwords that you have stored in the software. Even with a password that is moderately secure, once that password is hacked, all of your passwords are compromised.

The Hidden Truth Behind Password Managers

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