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The Impact of Password Education on Employee Password Choices

As the great philosopher, Herbert Spencer, once said, “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”

In the IT world, we constantly stress to our employees to make smart password choices. We have a “go-to” password policy that is typed up and stored in a filing cabinet located somewhere in our office. Often, we rely on Microsoft’s Password Complexity feature to keep our network safe. But, we all know that Microsoft’s Password Complexity isn’t enough, and that is why we educate our employees with the knowledge they need to make better password choices.

Read more here about Window’s Password Policy and why it isn’t enough.

This brings me to Herbert Spencer’s quote… the goal of educating our users is not for them to absorb the knowledge and forget it; the goal is for our employees to take action in selecting a better password.

The University of Maribor tested this concept in 2015 with this case study. The study looks to determine the effect of security education on password change. To read the shocking results, click the infographic below:

Password Education Case Study University of Maribor

Password education is simply not enough in our efforts of having employees make better password choices.

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